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Autostereoscopic 3D Display

3D is Top-trend!

•  The image has a fate to change with the change of the media.

•  Media is 3D, and media technology is also spurring 3D.

•  Beyond 3D movies and commercials on TV and theaters, we are able to use glasses-free 3D that can be seen in SF movies.

General TV


  • Everyday flat videos you can see anywhere

  • Competitive video ads that do not attract attention

  • Saturated Digital Sinage Market

Advertising 3D Showcase

  • Dynamic extrusion stereoscopic video

  • Free stereoscopic viewing of glasses

  • Attractive 3D production

  • Revolutionary cutting-edge IT advertising media

  • Stereoscopic display without special glasses

  • Imagine living, lifelike, protruding realistic stereoscopic images

  • Create dynamic, immersive stereoscopic video that captivates your eyes

  • Convert live-action, CG, 2D video to stereoscopic video

  • Revolutionary IT advertising display in the video advertising business

"4DV" solutions and commercialization

  • 4dvision has developed its own non-eyewear 3D display and SW, and is in the process of converting 2D video advertisements installed in major public facilities such as golf courses, airports, subways, and department stores, which are the existing digital signage market, into stereoscopic 3D.

  • With the development of polygon lenticular films, 4D Vision has secured price competitiveness and quality of non-eyewear 3D displays, and is developing a 3D signage solution business in earnest.

Location and effects

“The longest advertising in the world!"
  • Lobby advertising for large buildings (airport, terminal, history, etc.)

  • Department stores, discount stores

  • Large-sized restaurants, cafes, etc

  • Multiplex theaters such as franchise companies and CGV

  • Exhibition hall, museum, public relations exhibition, etc.

  • Publicity ads such as government offices, banks, securities, insurance

  • Replacement of existing PDP and LCD indoor advertising

  • Other entertainment and culture, telecommunications and broadcasting, aerospace and military, Utilizing 3D industrial equipment, education / medical, home monitor, etc.

2D 광고 대비 6배의 시선 집중 및 잔상 기억 효과 검증

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