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4Dvision is a 3D / AR related computer graphics solution company founded in 2002.

In recent years, we have developed an immersive binocular mobile solution for HMDs and Smart Glasses, and are conducting AR theme park projects for museums across the country, which can experience virtual 3D characters and dinosaurs.


4Dvision is a VR and AR specialized solution company that has developed VR / AR engine and authoring tool since 2010 by continuing to carry out VR / AR related government project. Currently, we are developing a realistic content platform based on position tracking devices for VR experience services and are conducting a franchise business for VR arcade game room.

In addition, we are pursuing a variety of futuristic Biz models by developing packaged products based on stereoscopic imaging systems and interactive contents in the 3D era. Especially, we have total solution of 3D related fields such as 3D glasses for 3D display, 3D contents authoring tool and stereoscopic SW, and started to commercialize "3D glasses system without glasses".


3D and augmented reality solutions are widely used in IT, broadcasting, medical, education and training, military, game, animation, virtual reality, CAD and industrial technology.

4DVision will upgrade your company's competitiveness with open mind and advanced technology.

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