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06 MICE EXPO participated as a representative company of IT in Goyang city
06 Selected as the key technology development project (VR safety education field) in the industrial field
      (Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy)
06 Selected as a service bid for "Doori AR Theme Street" (Dobong-gu Office)
06 Selected as a leading business incubation support project (Goyang city)
05 Participated in Design Festival (VR field)
04 Design workforce education business agreement (Design Promotion Agency)

09  Information and Communication □ Broadcast R & D Project VR (Future Creation Science)
08  Industry-University Cooperation Project Agreement (Gyeongdong Univ.)
06 Selected as "Business Development of Streetlight Fusion Holographic Realization Media Platform and 

      Commercialization Service Technology" (Small and Medium Business Administration)
02 Selected as a support project for smartphone application application (3D fusion support center)
01   Convention for the Development of Youth Safety Education Content (Sangmyung University)

10  Selected as a support project for "Pet Appearance App development combining immersive augmented

      reality technology and character product" (Gyeonggi TP)
06 Augmented Reality (AR) Application of "Color Match Technology" Application "Baekseekgi Color Fang"

      (KOCCA) Support Project
04 Selected as a support project for "Development of smart learning system based on complex

      reality HMD" (Goyang City)

11     Participation and sponsorship of Goyang Smart Fest
10   Daegu Global Game Culture Festival e-Fun 2014 'participation)
09  Participated in '2014 Gwangju ACE Fair
08  Participated in SIGGRAPH 2014 exhibition (Vancouver)
06  Attracted 300 million won project investment from Ilshin venture investment
04  Development of Interactive Context-Aware and Complex Reality Contents Authoring

       and Service Operation Technology
03  Headquarters moved to Goyang Knowledge Information Industry Promotion Agency

09  Recertification of company-affiliated research institute
05  Selected as a developer of interactive interactive context aware and mixed reality contents authoring

        and service operation technology (KOCCA)
04  Additional delivery of 50 glasses golf course 3D glasses without glasses
03  Park Chung-hee's selection and production of the hologram bust competition (Gumi City)
01    4DV 32 ", 55" Export to foreign countries (Turkey)

06  Selected as a fostering of 3D convergence industry
05  Supplied 50 glasses-free 3D glasses to all over the country
02  Developed "Polygon Lenticular 3D Display" (24 "~ 55")

07  Industry-Academia Joint Technology Development Project - Development of Intuitive Authoring Technology
        for 3D Content Creation
02   RealDisquare in 3D, 3D Conversion Project MOU
01    Headquarter moved to Nuri Dream Square
01    Become a member company of DMC cluster emotion UI study group

03  Selected as an industry source technology development company - Development of 3D system technology

       based on interactive UI
09  Participation in the project to strengthen investment attraction capacity / Open IR business briefing
10   Participated in DMC Culture Expo 2008.11 Selected as a Virtual Reality Fusion Content Development

       Project (Software Promotion Agency)
10   Participated in selection of patent support project in Seoul Knowledge Center
11    Delivery of Korea History Museum
11    MOU with 3D Film Promotion Committee (KGIT Building)

11    Delivery to Sungnam City Hall Publicity Center
07  Concluded agreement on sports technology development project (Ministry of Culture and Sports)
06  Delivery of Songdo Ubiquitous Promotion Center
05  Signed the agreement for technology development support (Small and Medium Business Administration)
03  Supplied National Digital Library

12   Selected as Hi Seoul brand support project
12   Headquarters moved to DMC High-tech Industrial Center
11    Selected as Virtual Reality Fusion Content Development Project (Software Promotion Agency)
10   Participated in realistic video exhibition
06  Participated in 3DIT Show 2008.04 Concluded a joint project with Sekotek Co., Ltd.
03  Acquired overseas certification (CE, FCC, RoHS) for non-eye stereoscopic monitor
01   Signed a joint project with S & M and Imedia Co., Ltd.
01   Samsung LCD DID division and non-spectacles stereoscopic monitor co-marketing agreement

10   Acquired ISO 9001 2000 certification
10   Participated in SME Excellence Fair
09  Development of three-dimensional monitor for glasses-free advertisement
07  Selected as a technology innovation development business of small and medium enterprises

       (Small and Medium Business Administration)
05  Established "Advanced Image Research Institute" at Seoul City University
05  Selected as a support project for research institutes affiliated with industry-academia-research

       institutes (Small and Medium Business Administration)
04  Technical alliance with Hanyang University Virtual Reality Institute "Real-time video production using AR"

12   Certified "Innobiz Enterprise" (Technology Credit Guarantee Fund)
12   Ubiquitous service utilization model animation bid contract (Information Culture Promotion Agency)
11    Exported "Anikids" S / W to Japan "Leisure Con"
10   Topia English education animation 20unit delivery contract
10   Selected as a project to support commercialization of new technology design

       (Korea Institute of Design Promotion)
05  CT technology development project (development of sensible game contents) (KOCCA)
05  Selected as Excellent Edutainment Pilot Support Project (KOCCA)
05  Selected as an excellent edutainment localization support project (KOCCA)
05  Selected as an export promising small and medium enterprise (Export Support Center)
04  Selected as joint venture business of BI enterprise (Small and Medium Business Administration)
03  Registered as an industrial design company (Korea Design Promotion Agency)

12   Head office moved to "Seoul New Technology Business Center"
12   Selected as "POST BI" company by "Seoul Industry Promotion Agency (SBI)"
12   Cooperated with "KTH" and 3D stereoscopic mobile contents service
11    Changed the company name to "4DVision Co., Ltd."
09  Marketing and technical alliance with Global ANX 3D stereoscopic monitor
05  Selected as an excellent animation pilot support project (KOCCA)
05  Affiliated with "KCPC" "Anikids" franchise business
05  Japan Zen-cre., Limited co "Anikids" franchise distribution partnership
04  Joint development of "Anikids" auto print kiosk with Yuri C & C Co., Ltd.
04  "PlayWorld" and "Anikids" distribution and facility affiliation
03   Management consulting contract with SC Company
03   Partnership with Citymap and Flash Map Solution
02   Contracted with KP Corporation and cyber culture center contents agency

12   Developed 3D avatar and mini homepage system
12   Contracted Animation License for Penning Character with Ann Carrick Co., Ltd.
12   "Anikids" 2004 Korea Entertainment Grand Prize
11    "Anikids" contracts for 7 distributors nationwide
09   Started "Anikids" franchise business
07  Acquired "AniPang" franchise business
07  Signed a partnership agreement with Yahoo Korea for children's education contents
07  Joint agreement with junior Naver for child education contents
05  Selected as a technology innovation development business of small and medium enterprises
       (Anikids) - Small and Medium Business Administration
04  Moved head office to KOCCA

12    Acquired venture business certification (Small and Medium Business Administration)
12    Content development / alliance contract with Tuny World
12    Received "Anikids" Grand Prize in Excellent Software Competition
11     Contracted with iAm Inter Active Media (Taiwan) to supply mobile contents
11     Contracted LOGOGEN with English education content partnership

10   Contracted with for English education content partnership
10   Participated in the International Exhibition of Cultural Contents (DICON)
09  Selected as DCK membership company of Software Promotion Agency
08  Selected as a new technology business incubator (TBI) company (Ministry of Commerce,

        Industry and Energy)
06  Selected as an animation production company for Gyeonggi Provincial Government
05  OnTheRun software (US) and Anikds export agreement
05  Selected as an industry-academy technology development consortium company 
      (Small and Medium Business Administration)
04  Video production of excellent character support project of Cultural Contents Agency
02  Opened "Harry's English Friends" site
01   SKT proposed the "Entershake" master CP.
01   Concluded an event agency contract with "MBC Adcom"
01   "Joy Mobile Tek" and mobile game production MOU

12   Sponsoring "Cactus Growing" Program at Goyang City Hall
11    "Korean Dental Association" character production
11    "World Law" character production
10    Digitization of "Folk Museum" materials
10   "Goyang World Flower Expo" Event Planning
10    Opened "OneKids" site
08   Co-production of flash animation with KPOPS Japan corporation
08   Established OneKiz Corporation

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