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Pseudo Hologram

President Park Chung Hee Memorial Hall Delivery Case
  • The design and information transfer are satisfied at the same time with the advanced media art technique that can interlock with the hologram bust and image at the top.

  • Information display and display products through transparent display on the front

  • Transparent and minimal design on four sides, effective for image production of high-priced brand products

  • ​Irish type exhibition, use as a unique design icon

President Park Chung Hee memorial installation photo
The 4-sided inverted pyramid-shaped hologram kiosk is installed and operated in two museums in Busan and one in Paju library. The pyramid system is operated in Pyeongtaek's museum. At the Yeosu Expo 15 "pyramid was exhibited.
[Pocheon Library]
[Yeosu Expo]
[Pyeongtaek Agricultural Museum]
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