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Positional Tracking

Previously developed VR contents can only move the gaze according to the head movement, and the movement of the body is not reflected. In addition, there are many cases where the mismatch of the virtual space causes dizziness to the user.

  4DVR develops a position tracking module and service platform to map the user's position information freely    

      moving in the room to the VR space in real time.

In real space When walking and turning
Match with virtual space

2 or more

Their coordinates

​Real-time match


Multiple, Team Playable

  • Developed TDOA-based positioning system with high precision using arrival time difference of two different signals

  • Smart phone allows quick user movement information and self-tracking

  • It features a low-cost positional tracking small system that is simple to use indoors.

 ●  Configuration of Positional Tracking System (tentative: 4DV-PT)

  • Reception [smart phone] receiving application

  • Transmitter [Beacon] Super Sensitive Beacon

  • Integrated control [server] location information control SW

 ●  Integrated content service platform package sales and technology transfer for providing PT (Positional Tracking) based augmented reality and virtual reality service

VR demo content creation

Co-production of Dragon Fly's "Special Force" PT-VR version

  • Special missions at eight stages that provide differentiated fun

  • Immersive environment optimized for positional trekking VR environments

  • Team action mode competing with 2 teams in 2: 2 or 3: 3

  • Multiplayer survival mode to compete with everyone

  • Real-time VR network mode

  • Strengthen weapons by collecting items from the game> Revenue model

  • Competition to acquire premium guns is an important growth point of the game> Revenue model

Joint Business Partners (Affiliate Bundles)

Bundle Alliance

Real VR Market




Real AR Market

Thema Park



  • When this product is developed, it is bundled with HMD for inserting smartphone such as Samsung gear VR, storm hole,
    Google card board
  • Provided as plug-in form to VR authoring tools such as Unity 3D

  • Omni VR and other VR equipment vendors

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